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It requires some energy to log in to tumblr. dont you feel that way?

I recently realized that i sort of have OCD during mania and only im feeling good i try to come here. but I feel im obliged to go through the posts whom i follow, and this stress me out,

And when u go through the posts, and find 10% of them are rebloggable for me. ( that doesnt mean rest of them are crap, just my own faves are 10%)

and so many likes then i feel that i have to sort out to queue.

why cant i just take it easier? its so simple and so complicaated


Never did I feel more alone then when I was in a room full of people who believed my smile.


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Let’s hope this gets released! Such a hot track!

Don’t you guys wish Shakira would come out with new material already?

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Hoy con la madrina-tía abuela que nos vino a visitar y los pirineos franceses al fondo!

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I know it’s been too many lately but I just can’t help it (notice the dimple on the right)

Ya sé que han sido muchas últimamente pero no puedo evitarlo (nótese huequito sobre el lado derecho)


never get enough of your milan and you shakira <3 and his dimple is so adorable

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When people say: “who is Shakira” and I’m just like: oh she’s nobody, just a Colombian girl who conquered latin america in 1995 with her spanish albums and then in 2001 took the world by storm when she released her first english album slaying all your favorites that year and ever since she’s been doing sold out world tours, selling millions of records, having #1 hits, performing at World Cups and so on.

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Men In Heels. This video is probably the greatest tribute to the Spice Girls. Ever.

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Happy 55th Birthday, Madonna (August 16, 1958)

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im happy she is good

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Behind the scenes of smooth criminal

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